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How to Create a Gummy Bear using Photoshop and Illustrator


In this tutorial, I'll teach you the technique I used to create the gummy bears used in this image:

What You'll Need

  • Adobe Photoshop (CS4+)
  • Adobe Illustrator (CS4+)
  • Knowledge of the Pen Tool

Final Image

Step 1

Begin by creating a new document in Illustrator.

Step 2

Using the pen tool , trace the outline for the left half of the gummy bear.If it helps, use the image of a real gummy bear as a guide. Fill it with a light color (i.e. light red, light yellow, etc.). I’ll make this one green.

Step 3

Using the blob brush tool , draw the details of the gummy bear, such as the ear, eye, half the nose, and the paws. Use a darker version of the color you are using for the gummy bear. In my case, I will use a darker green.

Step 4

Using the selection tool , select all of the objects, copy, and paste.

Step 5

With the newly pasted item still selected, go to Object -> Transform -> Reflect... select Vertical, then click Ok. Then, align the images by connecting the endpoints (make sure Smart Guides is enabled).

Step 6

(If you do not want to add a stroke, skip to Step 8)
Select both outlines of the gummy bear’s body (not the features) and in the pathfinder window, click Unite. Rearrange the shape in the Layers panel so that it is behind everything.

Step 7

Apply a stroke to the gummy bear’s body using the dark color with a thickness of 2.

Step 8

Select the entire image, then copy & paste the image in Photoshop. When prompted, paste as a Smart Object, then press enter.

Step 9

Go to Image -> Mode and make sure RGB Color and 8 Bits/Channel are selected. Do not rasterize or flatten the image.

Step 10

Go to Filter -> Artistic -> Plastic Wrap. You can play around with the settings until you are satisfied with the results. Here are the settings I used.

Step 11

Set the opacity to 75% and duplicate layer. Then for the top layer, change the blend mode. Play around with the settings until you’re satisfied with the result.


And that’s it. Just to let you know, we needed Illustrator for the Blob Brush tool and Photoshop for the Plastic Wrap filter. Illustrator also has a Plastic Wrap filter, however it doesn’t turn out the same.


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